Hi there! We’re Marcin and Ania and even though we’re quite different, we’re bound together by a passion for freedom, need for movement, dislike of hurry, finding delight in new tastes, fascination with backwater places and out-of-season resorts and love for bikes and furry animals. For now this is enough to stick together!

We’ve been traveling together for 15 years but this blog began not so long ago, with a 6 months long journey spanning Jakarta, Hanoi and Bangkok. It was amazing but we’ve missed a lot our shaggy girl-dog named Lima (like the capital, not the bean) and decided that she won’t miss out the next time. Now we had to come up with a new way of transport and here we are: two people, two bikes and a dog in a trailer chasing the sun. We cycled from Poland through the Balkans, reached a destination in Greece, spent almost 8 months here, most of the time as beginner farmers on Crete. You can find out how’s it’s possible here. After that, we’ve packed our stuff, shipped our bikes and together with Lima flew over the Atlantic Ocean. We’ve spent 6 months with family in the US and then decided it’s time to cycle some more! Since January, we’re cycling Portugal and now northern Spain and volunteering on the way!

Our travelling pace is often slower than that of a snail. We usually skip monuments and such and try to learn more about the local ways of life. To do this we like to start with peeking into the pots and fridges, the fields and fresh markets. We prefer countryside to big cities and we miss “our” Cretan goats much. We dig the farm to table movement. We describe for you the local culinary traditions and customs as well as the typical and not-so-typical regional treats. Other than that, you won’t find many practicalities on our blog. We’d rather make you crave a better life and the audacity of doing it your own way.

Heavenly food, landscapes and experiences are the background for our main focus: how to make happiness a priority and not be afraid to live, even if it doesn’t correspond with the expectations of others. If we got you curious, browse the blog or follow us on fb and instagram.

Want more? Read this interview.

Thanks for your visit! You can contact us at twohungrypeople(at)gmail.com


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  1. Calvin Macnguyen September 11, 2014 at 7:57 am


    I’ve taken interest to some of your photos from Vietnam! I was wondering if I am able to use them as artwork I could hang on my walls. Do you charge for your HD photography files? Please let me know.

    Thank you!

  2. Two hungry people September 15, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    Hi Calvin,

    We are glad you like our photos! Please let us know which ones you are interested in. We don’t charge any fixed amount for our pictures but a donation via Paypal button on our site would be very appreciated.

    Marcin and Anna


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