How to have an amazing travel experience

You may wonder how to get the most of your trip, how to return satisfied, fulfilled, satiated and amazed by what you’ve seen, experienced, touched and lived through. Before you go, you may gather opinions, read reviews, research the best places to guarantee you an amazing holiday or trip. You may choose to believe the opinion of others and decide what is the best for you basing on their opinion. You may choose to do anything but what the crowds do and go in the exact opposite direction. You may choose the best or sexiest clothes and buy all the possible equipment that may  make your trip more comfortable or amazing. You may do all of that and much more and still … have a crap of a holiday.

Why so? You may wonder now, what then is the most important thing to plan, do or take on a trip to make it worthwhile? You may have forgotten about one crucial element of the trip – and that is YOU. Wherever you go, you pull yourself along. With all the shit you carry around at home. Your need to control, your need to judge, your fears and beliefs, everything. You may go to a beautiful country and you will still feel insecure, unworthy or a victim, if that’s your experience. You will desperately force others to treat you like a king, just because you paid money for a hotel, you will be afraid of being robbed or deceived because you don’ trust that the world is a friendly place, you will fear the diversity and differences of cultures and you will suffer from food poisoning or other infections. You will make assumptions and form judgments about places and people you visited based on your narrow point of view. And even if you manage to have a great holiday, you will come home and quickly become your old, discouraged self. So what’s the point?

If you want to have an amazing travel experience, start it at home. Make a decision to be amazed by life every day. Don’t take things personally, not everything is about you. Find beauty in yourself, other people and in your surroundings. Go around the corner and appreciate the view. Have a good laugh. Find exoticism, variety, different cultures and points of view worth exploring in people around you. Find the isolated and forgotten ones and give them your friendly attention.  Find interesting contrasts to learn from. Let go of control and open your mind and your heart and then go. Be a curious and grateful guest in another country. Have an amazing experience. Just like you have every day at home. Now you can get the most of your trip, see amazing things and learn something unexpected. Let yourself be astonished. Now, go!


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