Cabo da Roca or the end of Europe

Even though nowadays it’s relatively easy to get to any place in the world, travelers still need to feel like explorers once in a while. That’s just how we felt pedaling towards Cabo da Roca — the westernmost spot of continental Europe. We were tearing through scarcely populated surroundings, on empty roads, through small forests and along the sides of hills with stunning coastal views.

Before us the promise of a desolate cape with a lighthouse, vivid greens and jagged rocks. The wind, in the spirit of adventure, pushed tears out of our eyes. The hardy explorers were approaching their prize when… reaching the lighthouse, we were overtaken by three buses filled with Japanese tourists.

Well, we thought while locking our bikes to a sign post, nobody can take the the feeling away from us. So we followed the tourists with selfie sticks, ourselves equipped with a tripod. We passed by another touring cyclist, who was being photographed by compatriots, and went on to survey the area. There is a multitude of fishermen’s paths that lead around hilly spaces and along cliffs. It’s beautiful. Juicy green carpets like from postcards of the Azores, dramatic cliffsides, ruddy slopes, virgin beaches, rocks and blue ocean. It’s windy as hell, too. The cold penetrated all the layers we had on. Nevertheless, we stayed for a couple of hours. We walked on the narrow paths, checking what’s behind a yet-another hill, picknicked on the slightly wind-sheltered side of one and waited for the sunset. A wonderful place but it may be hard to fall in love with in high season.

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