Crete out of season

Polish winter always finds a way to get to us, and sooner or later we would find ourselves scheming to get some sunshine. We rarely had the time, or more importantly money, to go somewhere far and at the same time didn’t feel like spending time at a Tunisian hotel or something. The solution then was the easyjets or ryanairs that for a dime and a half would drop us off in central or southern Italy, Morocco, Spain or Cyprus. Even in February, and even if the weather wasn’t perfect, the trip served its purpose and every time, at least for a couple of days, we were able to soak in the sun in parks or on terraces. Unforgettable sights and tons of good food, aside. Summing up, we’re huge fans of out-of-season getaways. The pros include the lack of crowds, many places you can have only for yourself, lower prices, nothing requires booking, good food is easy to find (tourist traps are closed) and the general ability to watch the regular life of the land. The cons – poor heating, the lack (usually) of real beach frying and closed resort clubs. Yyy… I regret nothing.

This time ’round we’ve spent the fall, winter and spring in Greece and it was great! So, we want to convince you that these are the best periods to visit Crete. Why there? Not because it’s the most beautiful (although we’ll show you it’s not bad at all ;)) but because it’s the southermost place in Europe and there the chance of good weather is the greatest. Our number 1 in Greece, Lefkada in November, was ideal (photos here and here) but already December on Evia was cold and rainy. Crete is much further south and wins hands down when it comes to the amount of sunny days. This  winter was gentle and dry, but even on ‘bad’ years (rain makes Cretans happy), the memory of Polish slush-and-muck-no-sun weather makes the island a paradise.

Below are photos we didn’t post before. We took them in various areas of the island, but most come from central Crete. They were all taken between February and May. Note, that for swimming it’s best to visit in early fall but at this time Crete is as dry as a cracker. In winter and spring the island is green and usually covered with blossoming flowers, herbs and edible wild plants, while the mountain peaks are covered with snow! Heavenly! Hint: Ryanair offers cheap flights to Chania 😉 So, what’s going to be your next off season destination?

Heraklion Province

Crete out of season_HK_west of Heraklion-2

Crete out of season_HK_Heraklion Port-4004

Rethymno Province

Agios Nikolaos Province

Crete out of season_AN_artificial lake on the way to Lasithi plateau

Crete out of season_AN_Agios Nikolaos town

We visited Chania province at the beginning of summer, you can check out this post.

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