Rock, water, forest, light

Lefkada – bit rugged, wild, mountainous beauty. Its strengths aren’t historical sites or spotless villages but simple, pure, raw material – rock, water, forest, light. Over the month we’ve spent there, these never failed to impress:

quintessential Greek blue, melting with liquid gold

view of rough mainland mountains colored cool shades of violet, pink and grey by the sun setting on the other side of the island

sight of islands and islets dotting the perspective after a bike or a car climb, a reward

further ranges of green mountaintops that turn blue-grey in the sun

paradise-like beaches where in fall we’re the only guests

olive groves with narrow asphalt paths meandering among them

incredibly tall, tapering cypresses

baths in the warm, November sea

passionate rains that disappear as quickly as they come

breakfasts and lunches in the warm, winter sun

sky that is half filled with stars while the other half is covered by clouds that lit every few seconds with lightnings

earthquakes that rock the houses, shake leaves off trees and question the (seemingly) one constatnt — firm ground beneath the feet

Great is Greece out of season.

lefkada on the way to kalamitsi beach-2785

lefkada olive groves-2865

lefkada agios nikitas beach-2888

lefkada tiny port view from the island on the mainland-3171

lefkada on the way to the lighthouse-2994

lefkada plants-3126

lefkada sea view west coast-2961

lefkada olive groves-2868

lefkada town beach-2741

lefkada olive groves and cypresses-2790

lefkada on the way to porto katsiki-2952

lefkada on the way from kalamitsi to karia-2746

lefkada near kariotes view of the mainland-3124

lefkada porto katsiki beach-2967

lefkada rainbow view from the island on the mainland-3162

lefkada near agios ilias_ view of nidri and the east coast -3050

lefkada nidri waterfalls after rain-3136

lefkada near agios ilias_ view of nidri and the east coast -3035

lefkada kalamitsi beach-2813

lefkada lighthouse-2993

lefkada kalamitsi-2811

lefkada agios nikitas milos beach-2940

lefkada east coast seen vrom the sea -3090

lefkada agios nikitas beach-2899

lefkada agios nikitas beach-2938

lefkada agios nikitas beach-2888


lefkada on the way from kalamitsi to karia-2756

lefkada porto katsiki beach-2963


The third photo from the bottom was taken by our co-volunteer Jan. Cheers, Jan, we’re waiting for a mail from you 🙂

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  1. Lucian January 25, 2016 at 10:35 am


    I was happy to read your impression about Lefkada and to see your pictures.
    So you visited the place after earthquake, isn’t it?

    I am interested to get more details about Milos beach, in case you have some time to spare.
    Have you went down to the beach? how is the road walk to the beach? affected by the earthquake?

    I will be very glad if you can share the details.
    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards

    1. Two hungry people January 25, 2016 at 12:43 pm


      The earthquake happened in the middle of our time on Lefkada. The Milos and Porto Katsiki beaches we visited before so I am not sure how they look right now, we’ve only been passing through the village of Agios Nikitas after and the road there was in a pretty bad shape, it was actually closed, but all the cars pass through anyway. It didn’t seem like they are in a hurry to fix the damages so maybe it will only happen before the season. The walk to the wonderful Milos beach is normally ok, not the easiest but I went there in flip-flops and was fine and I guess it is still possible to do it. We’ve only been to the Nidri waterfall after the earthquake and even though the area was full of fallen and broken boulders it was still possible to pass. So hopefully it’s the same with Milos beach. Do you plan to visit?

      1. Lucian January 25, 2016 at 2:48 pm


        Thanks for your quick reply.
        I seen the rest of your blog posts after I sent my comment, now I understand you stayed there long time and you felt the earthquake there.

        We already visited Lefkada few times and yes, we plan to visit it again soon.
        The last part of the descent to Milos beach was already in a bad shape so I was wondering how bad it was affected. Anyway there will be some alternatives, not a problem.
        I also seen some bad earthquake effects on Egremni beach.

        I am also wondering if the houses and guesthouses in Agios Nikitas were affected, do you seen some problems?

        Thanks and enjoy your future travels, I will keep an eye on your blog!

        Best regards

        1. Two hungry people January 25, 2016 at 6:29 pm

          Thanks a lot Lucian! Yes, Egremni had bad luck but it should be revived until summer. As far as Agios Nikitas is concerned, it’s mostly cracks in the asphalt and boulders on the road. We’ve only seen one terrace destroyed in a house near the road, the rest of the buildings seemed to be ok. You will be fine! Enjoy your trip!


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