Naked Lunch – Farmers market in Laos

Markets are some of our favorite places. We visit them in every country. It’s all same same, but a bit different, too. In Indonesia and Cambodia they stank to high heavens, Vietnam offered the most greens anywhere. In Laos the smells are O.K. but the number of flies in the meat section is staggering. A plastic bag on a stick is the common means of shooing them away. We also found blocks of coagulated blood and greenish buffalo bile in clear plastic bags. There was an eye as well, looking at us from a pile of meaty bits and pieces.

What we looked at though, were heaps of peppers and tomatoes ranging in color from yellow to dark red, the most beautiful mini-eggplant balls, lemongrass, banana flowers and an incredible variety of herbs and other seasonal plants — it was bamboo season and the young, conical shoots were ubiquitous.

Is there more to markets than food? Sure! Conversations, smiles and interesting characters. The earlier you get there and further it is from tourists, the better. If you’d like to see a more intimate side of a country — begin with the bazaar.

IMGP4243-luang prabang phousi market eggplants

IMGP4283-luang prabang phousi market buying limes

IMGP4261-luang prabang phousi market bamboo

IMGP4274-luang prabang phousi market meat and rice

IMGP4257-luang prabang phousi market baskets

IMGP4249-luang prabang phousi market village lady

IMGP4244-luang prabang phousi market lemongrass

IMGP4286-luang prabang phousi market rice baskets

IMGP4285-luang prabang phousi market spring onions

IMGP4270-luang prabang phousi market rice princess

IMGP4253-luang prabang phousi market banana flowers

IMGP4256-luang prabang phousi market sugar

IMGP4259-luang prabang phousi market lady

IMGP4276-luang prabang phousi market meat stalls

IMGP4281-luang prabang phousi market naked lunch

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