You do it best when you do nothing at all

20140305-IMGP2562-vang vieng bungalow view

20140315-IMG_5443-vang vieng sunset

IMGP2714-vang vieng maylyn gh puppy trio

IMGP2939-vang vieng view

IMGP2780-vang vieng maylyn gh puppy sleeping

IMGP2626-vang vieng maylyn gh baloons

IMGP3075-vang vieng karst rocks

IMGP2713-vang vieng maylyn gh puppy attack

IMGP2727-vang vieng villa view

20140315-IMG_5377-vang vieng tubes and us

20140315-IMG_5422-vang vieng tubing marcin

20140315-IMG_5398-vang vieng tubing ania

IMGP2765-vang vieng maylyn gh lazy cat

IMGP2704-vang vieng maylyn gh puppy steve

20140307-IMGP2596-vang vieng maylyn gh banana flower

IMGP2905-vang vieng villa view

IMGP2900-vang vieng woman

IMGP2992-vang vieng maylyn gh mulberries

20140307-IMGP2597-vang vieng maylyn gh lazying

IMGP3027-vang vieng maylyn gh orchids

IMGP2941-vang vieng bridge

20140306-IMGP2569-vang vieng evening view

IMGP3025-vang vieng woman in the field

20100101-IMGP3662-vang vieng ania puppy

20140307-IMGP2618-vang vieng maylyn gh view

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